About Us

How everything began...
One day the doorbell rang and my wife brought me my package from Japan and called: "Hey darling, your figunas are here!"

Our team consists of a female and a male.
I myself, the little man, have contact with Japan and therefore got the figures before the release in Germany. I collected the figures from time to time but the collection grew steadily. I myself can no longer do without this passion, neither can my wife. She's into the Saiyans in the 4th form.

Turn my hobby into a job? Why not!
That's how it all started, and of course my wife wants to give me a lot of support.

Shopping with us means maintaining childhood and will hopefully inspire you too.

Why shop with us?
We will always try to get the figures faster from Japan
to offer you. If it's not possible, we have 3 strong wholesalers who offer you the chance to pre-order your favorites from us without any problems.
Your character not there? Then contact us via the contact form.
Here is the contact form: click here

We wish you much fun at browsing.
Your Genkidama team!

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